Disco Apples

Disco apples are fun and simple to make.  These apples are sure to make an impression, whether it’s for a pop of color in a bakery case or even as a bagged party favor.

Here is what you need…


  • Apples
  • Wooden stick (sharpened at one end)
  • White coating chocolate (I used White Superbrill #9270722)
  • Bakery Bling (see pictures below for corresponding product numbers)
  • Parchment paper or silicone mat (I am using a Pavoni Mat #SPV64)


    1. First you will need to melt the White Superbrill.  I simply microwaved it, heating the chocolate in 30 second intervals until completely smooth.
  1. Next, stab a wooden stick about half way through the apples to secure it.
  2. Dip each apple into the melted White Superbrill until the apple is completely covered. PRO TIP: The chocolate must coat the stick at last a half inch. This will keep the apple from falling off when dry.
  3.  Working quickly (before the chocolate sets!), sprinkle Bakery Bling (100% edible glitter) in the color of your choice all over the apple until it is fully covered.
  4. Place the apple on the silicone mat to dry, and you are done! It’s that simple! Bakery Bling comes in many different colors.

disco apples directions Apple for blogs

Red #BB5 , Purple #BB1 , Opal #BB2 , Green #BB7 , Pink #BB3 , Yellow #BB6