Piping Bag – Sweetliner Bag + Tip

One Way Comfort Clear Pastry Bags are a staple product and perfect for every kitchen. Each bag is 8″ and has a durable, re-enforced seam make them a reliable, economical buy. Packed 100 to a roll.  This pastry bag has a patented non-slip grip to insure a firm grip at all times.  Packed with these mini piping bags is a piping tip measuring between a 0 and 1 and  a tip cover.  This makes it easy to save chocolate or royal icing for use on another project.

Sweetliner 10 Pack


Sweetliner Bag in use


Sweetliner Bag + Tip
Product Identification Number: 1110
Pack size: 10 sets/box (contains 10 bags, 10 size 0/1 tips with covers)

Product Dimensions: 8″

Color: Clear

This product has a patented non-slip grip.

Ideal for detail piping.


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